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  • Taming a tempest in a teapot

    Taming a tempest in a teapot

    Making Aliyah to Israel without family is something of a paradox for you instantly inherit thousands of aunts, uncles and cousins who, for better or worse, know what’s best for you and aren’t shy about telling you. Whether you actually wanted to put on that sweater in 90 degree heat, you know that the maternal [...]

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  • What’s in a kippah?

    What’s in a kippah?

    …Apparently a lot more than you would think. That common head covering for observant Jewish males – even seen occasionally on females, though usually non-observant – is one of the common denominators of the religious Jew. Although what each kippah has in common with the other is, well, almost nothing. The shape and size can [...]

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  • Strangers of kindness

    Strangers of kindness

    One morning, fully loaded with a computer bag on one shoulder, a purse on the other, and my variety of can’t-leave-home-without-’em gadgets in my hands, I was heading toward a Jerusalem bus stop for the last leg of my journey to work. I clipped my iPod onto one of my pockets, stuffed the earbuds into [...]

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  • Ad campaign to bring Israelis back is right on-target

    Ad campaign to bring Israelis back is right on-target

    The current buzz is all about that article by Jeffrey Goldberg called “Netanyahu Government Suggests Israelis Avoid Marrying American Jews” in The Atlantic.  In it, Goldberg writes about the current ad campaign being run by Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, targeting expatriate Israelis in the States to come back to Israel. Goldberg reports that, ‘The Jewish [...]

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  • Shvushim: Get it or not, here they come

    Shvushim: Get it or not, here they come

    “Hey Mom, I’ve got shvushim!” my oldest son said to me recently one day. “Huh?” You’ve got what? I thought, vaguely wondering if it was something communicable… “Shvushim,” he repeated, as if he were saying a word I could ever hope to say without immediately giving away my immigrant status. “Shavua yeshiva” he added, ever [...]

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  • The Second Most Spectacular Thing in Israel this Sukkot

    The Second Most Spectacular Thing in Israel this Sukkot

    Just days before Gilad Shalit’s expected release, I was perusing a list of the “Top 5 most spectacular things to do in Israel on Sukkot,” I was struck by the amazing-looking, two-day Hot Air Balloon Festival, sheduled to take place Monday and Tuesday of Chol HaMoed in the Lower Galilee. I was captivated by the [...]

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  • An Overwhelming Majority

    An Overwhelming Majority

     (Article was written August 6, 2005, a week before the evacuation and dismantlement of Gush Katif, and appeared in dozens of media outlets. Posted today to commemorate 6 years since the destruction of Gush Katif)  Today’s scheduled anti-disengagement activity was a prayer service at the Kotel. I dashed home early from work to don an [...]

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  • And I’m not even from Canada…

    And I’m not even from Canada…

    Lucky for me my passion for Aliyah has not only led to my Aliyah, but to several paths wherein I could help others in their Aliyah. In fact not much gives me a better feeling than when people attribute even the smallest part of their Aliyah to inspiration they received from me either through my [...]

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  • A rude awakening

    A rude awakening

    Shabbat is my favorite day of the week. Among other delightful and culinary reasons, it includes a morning without an alarm clock. It is a day that I can allow the gentle rising of the sun to slowly rouse me from blissful slumber. That or a crying baby; whichever comes first. This Shabbat, however, sleep [...]

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  • Celebrating Israel: Not just lip service

    Celebrating Israel: Not just lip service

    Sometimes it’s good to make the list. Apparently, I still manage to be on the “Join Us – You Would Do Cool Things” list so when my friend Renana invited me to come to a project planning meeting for a cool video she was coordinating, I agreed without hesitation. Little did I know, this escapade [...]

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