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  • Ripples from Above

    Ripples from Above

    If everything is controlled by G-d, and everything happens for a reason, how does one make sense of life’s truly difficult moments? By not trying too hard. In fact, rather than dwelling on what has been (and, more or less, continues to be), I try and take it with me and go forward. Inevitably, once [...]

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  • Kever Yosef: A Grave Adventure

    Kever Yosef: A Grave Adventure

    As you may or may not know, I have been quite ill this week. In fact it is only due to some quick thinking doctors and divine providence that I am here to talk about it at all. I was overcome by a massive infection that put me into septic shock. Thank G-d, the worst [...]

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  • Dead Sea Drama

    Dead Sea Drama

    It all started when my sister, here on vacation with her family, decided that it was a good day to go to the Dead Sea. I suggested to her that perhaps it might be boring for the youngest ones who were too little to be put into all that salty water. After some deliberation we [...]

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  • The wheels of progress roll into the Wild West (Bank)

    The wheels of progress roll into the Wild West (Bank)

    We’ve arrived! Well, sort of. Last week the big Israeli grocery chain “Rami Levi” opened up a beautiful, new, normal-sized grocery store right here in Gush Etzion. It’s huge! It’s clean! It has wide aisles! Tons of parking! Great prices! Of course, nothing could be so simply ‘good’. Right away the nay-sayers started up. Complaining [...]

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  • Shwekey!


    It was a major event for Gush Etzion when Yaakov Shwekey arrived on June 2nd for a one-night-only concert in the huge new outdoor amphitheater in Efrat. Set right into the slopes of the Judean hills, on the outskirts of the Rimon neighborhood, once there one could watch the arriving people streaming down the winding [...]

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  • Buried Treasure: Past vs. Future

    Buried Treasure: Past vs. Future

    The signs of the vibrant life that existed at this site more than two millennia ago was tangible everywhere you looked. It is impossible to imagine that this ancient village of our ancestors is on the chopping block to make way for ‘progress’.

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  • Top 5 Things NEVER to do in a Tremp

    Top 5 Things NEVER to do in a Tremp

    Tremping, as my daughters have taught me, is a fine art form. While standing at a 'trempiada' (place where trempers wait for potential rides) it is important to be standing at the part of the curb where the people going to your destination are most likely to stop. Apparently this knowledge is somewhat of a sixth sense for Israelis, but what those who immigrate as adults never seem to cultivate.

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  • Independent on Independence Day

    Independent on Independence Day

    Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel’s Independence Day – has always been special in my heart. Well since the first time I heard of it in 8th grade that is. Back then the non-Zionistic school I went to simply never mentioned it rather than giving us their negative perspective. So when, at age 13, I discovered the [...]

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  • A Hair-raising Experience

    A Hair-raising Experience

    The Orthodox Jewish equivalent of a woman’s wedding band is a head covering. What constitutes “a head covering”? That all depends upon who you ask… From a babushka to a baseball cap; from a wig to a woolen hat; from a doily to a do-rag; all are acceptable options for at least some people… I [...]

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  • Demonstrating Unity

    Demonstrating Unity

    Protests in Israel are so regular; you wonder that people notice them at all. More often than not the issues are politically charged, and opposing sides are holding counter-protests across the way. In fact, you may not want to mention anything protest-worthy with the stranger sitting across from you on the bus, lest it come to [...]

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