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  • I am a Jew

    I am a Jew

    With tensions running high in the Jewish world I was inspired to write this to remind us all that we are One People. People may do things differently, believe different things, but regardless they deserve our love and respect – as much as we deserve theirs regardless of our differences. We are one. We need [...]

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  • If we work together we can get it done…

    If we work together we can get it done…

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  • Spring and Fall collide in Israel

    Spring and Fall collide in Israel

    Who says we don’t have seasons? They just follow a unique time-frame. In fact, Gush Etzion winter is so short that before the last leaves have fallen, the first buds of spring have already appeared. In December. I’m not giving up my hope for snow this year though. Stranger things have happened…

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  • Ad campaign to bring Israelis back is right on-target

    Ad campaign to bring Israelis back is right on-target

    The current buzz is all about that article by Jeffrey Goldberg called “Netanyahu Government Suggests Israelis Avoid Marrying American Jews” in The Atlantic.  In it, Goldberg writes about the current ad campaign being run by Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, targeting expatriate Israelis in the States to come back to Israel. Goldberg reports that, ‘The Jewish [...]

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  • 1000 for One: Is It Worth It?

    1000 for One: Is It Worth It?

    [I did not write this piece. The author wishes to remain anonymous.  ~LBD] Over 1000 of the most despicable people on the planet are about to be released from jail, for one lone Jewish soldier. Worse than that, say many, these 1000+ can kill and injure many more Jews, both soldiers and civilians. May we [...]

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  • And I’m not even from Canada…

    And I’m not even from Canada…

    Lucky for me my passion for Aliyah has not only led to my Aliyah, but to several paths wherein I could help others in their Aliyah. In fact not much gives me a better feeling than when people attribute even the smallest part of their Aliyah to inspiration they received from me either through my [...]

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  • My Letter to the Vice Chancellor of UJ – by Meir Perez

    My Letter to the Vice Chancellor of UJ – by Meir Perez

    Saying that Israel, as a Jewish democratic state, does not have the right to exist is tantamount to saying the Jewish people do not have the basic human right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland. This view is only held by radical Islamic movements such as Hamas and the formal endorsement of this position by boycott lobby can only be described as discriminatory and racist.

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  • Aliyah books

    Aliyah books

    Here’s a really cute widget with a hand-picked selection of Israel/Aliyah-themed books. Have others you would suggest? Comments on the ones included? Please share. You can also order a copy of my book ‘Moving Up: An Aliyah Journal’ directly from me by sending a check for $15, which includes postage and handling, to: c/o Marty [...]

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  • Wheels of Love

    Wheels of Love

    In October my husband will join hundreds of biking aficionados as they dedicate five days of intense biking to a very special children’s hospital. Following is the letter he wrote to solicit sponsors for this special event. Please read and consider making a generous donation on his behalf. Click here to sponsor the ride Dear Friends, [...]

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  • Eight Days

    Eight Days

    Eight Olim. Eight locations across Israel. Eight days of Chanukah... and one convertible. Nefesh B'Nefesh presents 'Eight Days' -- the 2010 Chanukah Music Video. (based on Matisyahu's 'One Day' used with permission) LYRICS: http://www.nbn.org.il/8days/lyrics/

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