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  • The Pesach Lists – Shopping List 2013

    The Pesach Lists – Shopping List 2013

    My Pesach listsĀ have taken on a life of their own… The funny thing is that I’m not a particularly organized person. But there’s a reason for all of the lists. Years ago, in one of my previous lives as an RN in a hospital in Boca Raton, Florida, I was working the night shift full [...]

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  • The Pesach Lists – Menu 2013

    The Pesach Lists – Menu 2013

    Lots of people have been asking me for my ‘famous lists’ for Pesach. This year I was kind of hoping the lists would make Pesach for me… alas, this has not happened and finally, last night, I officially put together the lists for 2013… and made my first Pesach-oriented shopping trip. (To the local Gush [...]

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  • Matza Toffee

    Matza Toffee

    I found this recipe maybe 15 years ago in the Sun Sentinel newspaper back in Boca Raton. It is INCREDIBLE. You have to make it dairy though, with the butter. No margarine for this recipe. As you can see, i crossed out the pecan pieces and almost forgot it was there in the first place, [...]

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  • My Mom’s Passover Apple Cake

    My Mom’s Passover Apple Cake

    If I remember correctly, my mom discovered this recipe and added it to her Pesach repertoire sometime in the early 80s. It is absolutely excellent, and does not taste like a Pesach recipe. It is ‘gebrokts’ (uses matzah products in the recipe) and is especially excellent hot out of the oven (what isn’t??) Be sure [...]

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