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  • Aliyah l’Chupah: Downtown for the gown

    Aliyah l’Chupah: Downtown for the gown

    After receiving all sorts of tips and warnings about shopping for a wedding gown, Shyra and I decided it was time to dive in and start the process. We still don’t have the hall, the date, or anything else for that matter, but at least my daughter should look good… So we set aside an [...]

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  • Aliyah l’Chupah: A garden? A hall? Or a garden with a hall?

    Aliyah l’Chupah: A garden? A hall? Or a garden with a hall?

    Before you move forward with your wedding plans it’s helpful if you know when it will be. Before you decide when it will be, you have to be sure you will have a place for it. Well, we are all very flexible and open and figuring that we will have limited options anyway, so we’ll [...]

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  • Aliyah l’Chupah: Meet the Parents

    Aliyah l’Chupah: Meet the Parents

    There is something incredibly mind-boggling in making a wedding that two couples who might never have met, can come from totally different backgrounds, with different lifestyles, priorities and standards, have to suddenly come together and pull off what may be the biggest event they have ever made. Successful completion of which is often nothing short [...]

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  • Aliyah l’Chupah:…And another L’Chaim

    Aliyah l’Chupah:…And another L’Chaim

    How about this- I went to work today, and of course everyone was wishing me mazal tov. Then at 2pm they made a L’Chaim for me at work. I know we do that for people, but somehow it just didn’t click that we would do one for me. How nice it was! Okay, now it’s [...]

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  • Aliyah l’Chupah: The L’Chaim

    Aliyah l’Chupah: The L’Chaim

    So, we were thrilled, jumping for joy, needing an outlet for our jubilation! We decided to have a l’chaim. If you don’t know what that is, think of someone Jewish holding up a glass of wine and making a toast. What do they say? Exactly… So we invited basically our families and had a somewhat [...]

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  • Aliyah l’Chupah: The Announcement

    Aliyah l’Chupah: The Announcement

    I was expecting that phone call today. My 21 year-old baby is ready to embark on her own life; has been ready in fact for months and has only been waiting for the love of her life to be ready as well. It seems that the time has come  and the question is about to [...]

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