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  • Shvushim: Get it or not, here they come

    Shvushim: Get it or not, here they come

    “Hey Mom, I’ve got shvushim!” my oldest son said to me recently one day. “Huh?” You’ve got what? I thought, vaguely wondering if it was something communicable… “Shvushim,” he repeated, as if he were saying a word I could ever hope to say without immediately giving away my immigrant status. “Shavua yeshiva” he added, ever [...]

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  • 1000 for One: Is It Worth It?

    1000 for One: Is It Worth It?

    [I did not write this piece. The author wishes to remain anonymous.  ~LBD] Over 1000 of the most despicable people on the planet are about to be released from jail, for one lone Jewish soldier. Worse than that, say many, these 1000+ can kill and injure many more Jews, both soldiers and civilians. May we [...]

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  • A rude awakening

    A rude awakening

    Shabbat is my favorite day of the week. Among other delightful and culinary reasons, it includes a morning without an alarm clock. It is a day that I can allow the gentle rising of the sun to slowly rouse me from blissful slumber. That or a crying baby; whichever comes first. This Shabbat, however, sleep [...]

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