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  • The Pesach Lists – Shopping List 2013

    The Pesach Lists – Shopping List 2013

    My Pesach lists have taken on a life of their own… The funny thing is that I’m not a particularly organized person. But there’s a reason for all of the lists. Years ago, in one of my previous lives as an RN in a hospital in Boca Raton, Florida, I was working the night shift full [...]

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  • I am a Jew

    I am a Jew

    With tensions running high in the Jewish world I was inspired to write this to remind us all that we are One People. People may do things differently, believe different things, but regardless they deserve our love and respect – as much as we deserve theirs regardless of our differences. We are one. We need [...]

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  • Shvushim: Get it or not, here they come

    Shvushim: Get it or not, here they come

    “Hey Mom, I’ve got shvushim!” my oldest son said to me recently one day. “Huh?” You’ve got what? I thought, vaguely wondering if it was something communicable… “Shvushim,” he repeated, as if he were saying a word I could ever hope to say without immediately giving away my immigrant status. “Shavua yeshiva” he added, ever [...]

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  • 1000 for One: Is It Worth It?

    1000 for One: Is It Worth It?

    [I did not write this piece. The author wishes to remain anonymous.  ~LBD] Over 1000 of the most despicable people on the planet are about to be released from jail, for one lone Jewish soldier. Worse than that, say many, these 1000+ can kill and injure many more Jews, both soldiers and civilians. May we [...]

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  • An Overwhelming Majority

    An Overwhelming Majority

     (Article was written August 6, 2005, a week before the evacuation and dismantlement of Gush Katif, and appeared in dozens of media outlets. Posted today to commemorate 6 years since the destruction of Gush Katif)  Today’s scheduled anti-disengagement activity was a prayer service at the Kotel. I dashed home early from work to don an [...]

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  • Aliyah: A photo essay

    Aliyah: A photo essay

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  • Aliyah l’Chupah: A Matter of Taste

    Aliyah l’Chupah: A Matter of Taste

    Tonight I felt like a food critic. No, let me rephrase that: tonight I WAS a food critic. One of six. Or 60. Depending upon your perspective. Around here it is fairly common to come a month or so before a wedding or other event (Aaaah! Are we nearly that close? Time is flying like [...]

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  • A rude awakening

    A rude awakening

    Shabbat is my favorite day of the week. Among other delightful and culinary reasons, it includes a morning without an alarm clock. It is a day that I can allow the gentle rising of the sun to slowly rouse me from blissful slumber. That or a crying baby; whichever comes first. This Shabbat, however, sleep [...]

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  • Aliyah l’Chupah: We have a date!

    Aliyah l’Chupah: We have a date!

    Finally the six of us decision-makers decided to go with the first place we looked – Binyanei Ha’Uma (the Jerusalem Convention Center). It’s a gorgeous place, will be in the Teddy Hall, and the chuppah will take place in one of several possible locations there. The date? September 11, 2011. I know, I know. The [...]

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  • Aliyah l’Chupah: Downtown for the gown

    Aliyah l’Chupah: Downtown for the gown

    After receiving all sorts of tips and warnings about shopping for a wedding gown, Shyra and I decided it was time to dive in and start the process. We still don’t have the hall, the date, or anything else for that matter, but at least my daughter should look good… So we set aside an [...]

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